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Himmelsleiter © Kurt Laurenz Theinert
Himmelsleiter © Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Viewing platform in Weissenburg Park, Stuttgart

Kurt Laurenz Theinert: »Himmelsleiter«

In the skies above the Weißenburgpark in Stuttgart, an illuminated ladder around eight metres high stretches up into the air. The rungs of Theinert's "stairway to heaven" flash alternately, constantly changing its structure and creating a sense of chaos. The flashing rungs do not seem to have a fixed rhythm. If you focus your eyes on the light elements for long enough, however, it becomes clear that each individual bar turns on and off at regular intervals. The fact that the rungs all flash at different frequencies make the light look like it is dynamically moving up and down and transform this rhythm back into chaos. Theinert's ladder of light rises up into a world of transcendence and moves further away from our bounds of perception with every flash.

Kurt Laurenz Theinert was born in Hanover in 1963 and studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and Leicester University in England. He now lives and works in Stuttgart, where he focuses on creating visual experiences that do not, as images, refer to anything in particular. Theinert's desire to produce an abstract and reduced aesthetic has ultimately led him to switch his focus from photography to the medium of light. With the help of the software developer Philipp Rahlenbeck, he has created an ‘image instrument’ (visual piano) based on a MIDI keyboard that allows him to translate his artistic intentions into live performances while configuring time with light.


Weissenburgpark is situated on a hill in the south-east of the city. As part of the national garden show held in 1961, the park was laid out as a public green space with new paths and terraces. The Tea House and Marble Hall provide a popular destination and events venue at the top of the park. At the highest point of the Weissenburgpark there is a viewing platform with a unique, panoramic view over Stuttgart.


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