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»Drehmoment« (Turning Point) 2018

What happens when art and industry meet? The Stuttgart region is one of Europe's leading industrial locations. KulturRegion Stuttgart is keen to harness this strength and create new spaces for the arts to thrive. In this strong economic region, the »Drehmoment« (Turning Point) project gave artists access to industrial resources. 34 national and international artists have been given an opportunity to work in industrial firms and skilled craft enterprises and create new pieces using unusual resources: the machinery, production processes, products and staff that are at their disposal.

A regional festival was held from 4th – 28th October 2018 to showcase this extraordinary ›production art‹ – from sound installations and sculptures to robot art and virtual reality art.

Turning Point provided a cross-disciplinary space for mutual inspiration, innovation and artistic research. It gave artists an opportunity to explore the limits of the technical infrastructure, find new ways of doing things and open up new perspectives. The focus of the artworks was on how our work and lives will change over the coming years, such as through advances in digitalisation and e-mobility. In this way, the region has become a platform for developing forward-looking approaches and a hotbed of creativity and innovation.

The title of the project, »Drehmoment« (Turning Point), references the industrial process of machining parts, and the rotational force known as torque. In automotive engineering, an example of this might be a torque wrench. Turning Point also highlights a region's desire to embrace change.

Benjamin Heidersberger, Artistic Director of »Drehmoment«

© Joachim Mottl

Benjamin Heidersberger is an internationally renowned artist who works at the interface of business and art. He is interested in the impact of interactive media on society and algorithmic compositions.

Benjamin Heidersberger was born in Braunschweig in 1957. He is the founder and managing partner of Ponton-Lab GmbH, a group of artists that has worked on numerous interactive media and TV projects in Europe, the USA and Japan under the name Van Gogh TV, including at documenta 8, IX and Ars Electronica.

Benjamin Heidersberger explains why he was keen to be involved in the »Drehmoment« (Turning Point) project: »This unique festival of production art is based on the idea that collaboration between art and industry can lead to mutual inspiration, visibly arouse people's interest in the new and the unexpected, and in this way promote the artistic, economic and social development of the Stuttgart region.« Art, technology and society have been the central themes of his life and career.

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