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Nándor Angstenberger: »TAKTIK PLASTIK«

The artist Nándor Angstenberger describes himself as a world-builder. For his »TAKTIK PLASTIK« installation, he spent extended periods of time at Konzelmann GmbH in Löchgau. This family-owned company manufactures injection-moulded plastic products, mainly for use in medicine and automotive technology. Angstenberger picked out everything that interested him and had it sent to his studio in Berlin. He had no idea what the countless plastic components were used for, but he was fascinated by their form.

The »TAKTIK PLASTIK« installation finally emerged from seven boxes of mysterious components. Angstenberger gave new meaning to objects that had been alienated from their context. He arranged them into serial patterns and plant-like shapes, creating structures that fitted together like the pieces of the puzzle.

Angstenberger foraged for natural materials to add to the plastic components, but rather than leave the branches and stones in their natural state, he changed their colours and shapes. Once the synthetic and natural materials came together in the sculpture, it was hard to tell one from the other. All together, they comprised a complex set of building blocks that allowed the artist to build new worlds. »TAKTIK PLASTIK« was not just the result of Angstenberger's love of the playful, but also appealed to the viewer to have the courage to use what is at their disposal and turn it into something fun and new.

Angstenberger's work with the plastic components led to a second work called »Vadavarot«.

The Artist

Nándor Angstenberger is a German/Hungarian artist who was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1970. From 1993 to 2001 he studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Angstenberger likes to work with materials that he has found or foraged. He uses them to create extremely complex installations with an architectural look. His focus is always on maintaining a playful aspect. After solo shows at the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen and the Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Angstenberger's work was also exhibited at this year's eighth Bucharest Biennale. He is the recipient of numerous awards and art prizes, including the City of Friedrichshafen Art Prize and the Märkischer Kreis Art Award. Nándor Angstenberger lives and works in Berlin.

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24 July–14 October 2018