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Ditzingen, cemetery

Maike Sander: »ewig anders«

With her »ewig anders« project, Maike Sander examined today's cemeteries and the culture of mourning using Ditzingen as an example. Cemeteries are an important part of every town and village. They are open to everyone, are witnesses to the town's history, are part of its cultural heritage, and also provide a green area and wildlife habitat. They are places of encounter, places to be alone, somewhere to take a walk, or perhaps use as a short-cut to school or work. Over recent years, urns and tree memorials have become increasingly popular because they are easier to look after. This frees up more space in cemeteries.

How is this trend changing the traditional cemetery? How are the new open spaces being used, and who is interested in them? Maike Sander addressed these questions to the people of Ditzingen and set up a forum for discussion and networking.

She set up three physical locations for the project: a project room in Marktstraße in the centre of Ditzingen provided a venue for workshops, exhibitions and meetings. An unused area at the heart of Ditzingen cemetery was used to implement the ideas that result from the initiative. Sander was also working with the Machmer mason's workshop, which opened up its premises to craft workers.

In this way, Ditzingen cemetery is home to a space that appeals to everyone, regardless of their age, nationality and place of residence – a universal place of remembrance.

The Artist

Maike Sander, born in 1967 in Kassel, studied communication design in Stuttgart and Rio de Janeiro. Her husband was killed in an accident in 2002, and since then her work has focused on the topics of grief and remembrance. She has created programmes for schools and organised cultural events and workshops on dealing with death and dying. In 2010, she opened an office with an event room and shop in the west of Stuttgart to showcase her approach more effectively. Sander creates spaces that stimulate an examination of living forms of mourning culture. In 2017 she set up the »Diesseits vom Jenseits« (This Side of the Afterlife) exhibition in Stuttgart, which has become a place for different generations to come together and share their experiences. Sander lives and works in Stuttgart.

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7–28 October 2018