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With: HERMA GmbH, Karl-Schubert-Gemeinschaft e.V.

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Filderstadt, Städtische Galerie

Andora: »Lebe deine Zeit und bestimme den Inhalt«

Berlin pop-art artist Andora joined forces with a number of partners in Filderstadt. HERMA and the Karl-Schubert workshops in the Bonlanden district helped him to develop an exceptional product. Working with and in aid of the Karl-Schubert-Gemeinschaft, which employs people with disabilities in its accredited social therapy workshop, the eccentric artist Andora has designed a prototype for a colourful cajón – a drum box.

Andora, HERMA and the Karl-Schubert-Gemeinschaft are inviting companies and private individuals to participate in one of two ways. They can either buy the cajónes directly from the Karl Schubert Community or donate money to the Friends of the Filderstadt FILUM Music School so that they can be acquired for FILUM's social projects.

FILUM promotes musical experiences for children, teenagers and adults through projects and sponsorships all over the world.

Designed by Andora and made by people with disabilities in Filderstadt, the cajónes embark on a journey to far-flung parts of the globe. In Filderstadt, this interdisciplinary collaboration was not only producing a special and inclusive art product, but also a social sculpture.

The Artist

Born in Berlin in 1958, Andora decided to become an artist in 1985. Since then, the self-proclaimed pop artist has been creating art outside of the mainstream. He paints shoes, cars and other everyday objects in bright, garish colours. In 1992, at the request of the Russian space agency, he designed a rocket that was subsequently launched into space. He also became famous for his works on US dollar notes. He has also worked with numerous businesses during the course of his career. He designed a special edition of »Meyer's Large Pocket Encyclopaedia« and a limited edition of Minimax fire extinguishers. After spending time in New York and Moscow, Andora is now once again based in Berlin.

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The Partners




Bonländer Hauptstraße 32/1
70794 Filderstadt


7 October–1 November 2018

Andora Cajón: 99 €

As a donation to Music School FILUM, please transfer the money to the bank account of the Friends of Music School FILUM:
Förderverein der Musikschule Filderstadt e.V.
Bank: Volksbank Filder e.G.
Reference: »Cajon«  
IBAN: DE95 6116 1696 0063 2780 06

Personal Cajón for you: Please order at Karl-Schubert-Gemeinschaft, via email to vertrieb@ksg-ev.eu or via telephone: +49 (0)711 . 777091-28