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Leonberg, Town Hall

Sebastian Schmieg: »Line Follower«

With his work in the foyer of Leonberg Town Hall, the artist Sebastian Schmieg questioned how it is possible to plan and optimise our work and lives in today's world. Where are we headed with our constant need to streamline our actions and work via man or machine?

Schmieg's video installation in the town hall was based on IPO.Log simulation software, which companies use to accelerate production workflows. The software can record and evaluate workers' movements and routes and propose more efficient variants. In Sebastian Schmieg's installation, Leonberg Town Hall became a virtual production site.

The software had calculated the ideal routes, which were shown on the floor as a hundred-metre-long drawing. When people watched the video, they involuntarily followed this path. The screen itself moved as a »line follower« and ran in an endless loop. In this way, those who watched the video became part of a performative work that could be observed from different levels in the building.

Technics: Benjamin Maus & Constantin Engelmann

The Artist

Born 1983, Sebastian Schmieg has been working as an artist and lecturer since graduating from the University of the Arts in Berlin. In his artistic practice he examines networked media in the context of our professional and personal lives. His focus is on digital work, self-optimisation, machine vision and writing, and interventions within algorithmic systems. His work includes videos, art books, websites, lecture performances, software and installations and has been exhibited internationally at Transmediale in Berlin, Art Center Nabi in Seoul, Bitforms Gallery in New York, and the Photographers' Gallery in London. Sebastian Schmieg lives and works in Berlin.

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5–28 October 2018

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