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»30 Millionen Hektoliter«

204 huge brewing tanks are being produced for the world's largest brewery, which Ludwigsburg-based company ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is currently building in Mexico. The majority of the tanks that are making their way across the Atlantic from Germany measure more than 10 metres in diameter. They will be used to produce 30 million hectolitres of beer a year for the American market. This equates to 1,200 fifty-metre swimming pools.

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT, a duo made up of artists Martin Keil and Henrik Mayer, have taken this massive volume and used it as the starting point for a cooperative art project. They worked with the company's trainees and their supervisors to build a 1:4 scale model of a tank made from cables. It floated weightlessly in the stairwell of the head office in Ludwigsburg.

The idea behind the project was to involve the company's staff in creating the installation and draw on their engineering and design skills. It was the trainees who planned the process, came up with the design and mounted the installation. The scale of the floating sculpture highlighted the size of the brewing tanks and the challenges that have to be overcome when building a state-of-the-art facility. In this way, alongside its aesthetic aspects, the installation also stimulated reflection on the responsible use of natural resources.

The Artists

Martin Keil and Henrik Mayer set up the REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT project group in 1996. It uses contemporary art to promote social and political processes. Its aims to involve people in creating artworks and produce art that is »in the public interest«. It works with partners from different backgrounds, creating a platform for interdisciplinary activities. Martin Keil, born 1968 and Henrik Mayer, born 1971, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. They both live and work in Berlin. They have already carried out numerous participatory projects in Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia and Mexico.

The Company

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7/11/18/25 October 2018