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With: Telerob, Hochschule der Medien

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Ostfildern, Städtische Galerie

Beate Susanne Wehr: »Target«

Beate Susanne Wehr worked with Stuttgart Hochschule der Medien (Media University) and the Ostfildern-based company Telerob to create a multi-level exhibition project. It raised important questions about the goal of technical progress and the relationship between man and robots. How will humans and machines work together in future, and will it be possible for them both to contribute their specific abilities and characteristics? The protagonist of the exhibition was a robot from Telerob. Its normal job is to defuse dangerous explosives.

The title of the project – »Target« – was inspired by an object that she discovered when visiting Telerob and transported to the exhibition: a freestanding piece that resembles a huge target. Another level of the project, a 3D programming, was created by students of the Media University. During the 2018 summer semester they worked on robotics with Beate Susanne Wehr under the supervision of Professor Krešimir Vidačković. Visitors could experience their modulations through a mixed reality headset.

The Artist

Beate Susanne Wehr was born in Stuttgart in 1962. She studied art at the Free Academy of Arts in Nürtingen and went on to study art management and art philosophy at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she received her doctorate in 2013. Her conceptual, installation-based, performative and photographic works deal with changes in society and tie in with issues that are currently in the public eye.

Her works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany and Austria. Beate Susanne Wehr's art projects are often participatory, inviting viewers to take a closer look, participate or contribute their own experiences. In doing so, she enables the recipients of her art to experience space and the body in unusual ways. Wehr lives and works in Ostfildern.

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7–16 October 2018