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Plochingen, Alte Steingießerei at Kulturpark Dettinger

Swaantje Güntzel: »LOOPS«

For several years now, the Hamburg-based conceptual artist Swaantje Güntzel has been exploring the topic of consumption and the associated production of waste. The work she now created in cooperation with the recycling company Kaatsch in Plochingen revolved around the physical and logistical effort required to keep raw materials in a closed cycle of recyclable materials.

In her work, Güntzel gave visual form to the physical and technical processes and complex procedures of the company's operations. At the same time, it turned the spotlight on the idea of the cycle that lies at the heart of the recycling system. Swaantje Güntzel's aim was to follow the route taken by the recycled objects.

She questioned the origins and future of discarded objects and interpreted the lives and characteristics of selected objects/materials from the place they were manufactured to being recycled at the Plochingen site. Güntzel was fascinated by the end of the cycle, the route taken by recyclable materials, their journey from disposal to reuse to reprocessing.

Güntzel also took a close look at historical changes and regional characteristics: how has the region around Plochingen changed over recent decades? And finally, she asked: What does all this say about us – and our relationship to the waste we produce?

The Artist

Swaantje Güntzel, born in 1972, studied ethnology, art history and political science in Bonn after spending several years in South and Central America. She then went on to study art at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad and received numerous grants and awards, including the Ars Loci award presented by the Neuhoff-Fricke Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Science in 2015. The focus of her artistic work is man's alienated relationship with nature. She is particularly interested in how humans are polluting the oceans with plastic waste and the role that plastic plays in our everyday lives. Much of her work is inspired by direct discussions with scientists. Swaantje Güntzel lives and works in Hamburg.

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