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Remseck am Neckar, Am Remsufer

Roland Schmitz: »Tagdieb«

»Tagdieb« (Day Thief) – that's the name of Roland Schmitz's four-metre-high sculpture in Remseck am Neckar. It looks like an abstract creature striding across the earth and reaching for the sky and can be interpreted as an allegory of the town of Remseck. The ›limbs‹ of the day thief consist of six steel plates in the shape of Remseck's six districts. In this way, Schmitz is looking back at the origins of Remseck. Local restructuring in the 1970s led to the villages of Aldingen, Hochberg, Hochdorf, Neckargröningen and Neckarrems being combined into one municipality. The sixth district of Pattonville, the former American housing estate, was added to this large administrative district in 1994, if only in part. With his sculpture, it looks as if Schmitz has thrown the villages together in a fairly arbitrary fashion. But in fact, each individual element supports the next, creating a totally supportive structure.

The part of Pattonville that is not included in Remseck has also been added as an outline.

The colours used in the sculpture were also inspired by the local area. Schmitz drew on the graffiti that he discovered around town. Schmitz has left some of the surfaces white. In doing so, he is asking about the future of his sculpture and the town of Remseck – and provides scope for an ongoing process of change.

The Artist

Roland Schmitz, born in Waiblingen in 1972, trained to be a carpenter with a furniture-maker in Fellbach. In tandem, he began studying steel sculpture with Klaus Wagner at the Werkstatthaus Stuttgart. After staging his first art interventions in the urban space of Barcelona, Schmitz studied architecture at the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf. In his final dissertation, he signalled his future artistic direction at the interface between art and architecture. As a freelance artist Roland Schmitz now works mainly on sculptures but is still involved in architectural projects. His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Duin & Kruidberg Estate in the Dutch town of Santpoort, and the Qingdao Sculpture Art Museum in China.

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Am Remsufer
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