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Jonas Eltes: »Reading Machine (Lesemaschine)«

Swedish media artist Jonas Eltes is a digital native. In Stuttgart he worked together with the long-established publishing house Klett-Cotta, a factory for producing gems of analogue knowledge. With his work »Reading Machine« at Stuttgart City Library, he combined physical books, mechanics and digital control systems in an experimental way.

A book was placed in a glass display case. Using a scanner with automated text recognition, the content of a page in the book was transferred to a touch screen – but shortened to the length of a tweet or headline.

With his installation, Eltes built a bridge between analogue books and digital applications. At the same time, he asked the questions: Does the ever-growing volume of information that we are constantly absorbing from the various online channels actually help us to understand the world better? Or, in the world of emojis and simplified language that we often use in our digital communication, are we losing the ability to process and understand complex ideas?

The Artist

Jonas Eltes was born in 1993 in Kungsbacka, Sweden. He studied »Interactive Communication« at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. After completing his studies, he attended the Google Creative Lab 5 in London. He stayed in London and spent several years working closely with the digital art studio Alpha-ville, run by curator duo Estela Oliva & Carmen Salas. He recently received a grant from the Italian communications research centre Fabrica.

As someone who grew up in the early days of the internet, Eltes' work focuses on the complex relationships between man and computer. He asks questions about how the march of digitalisation is changing our perceptions and our lives.

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5–27 October 2018

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