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With: Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen, Druckhaus Waiblingen

© Walter Schönauer


Walter Schönauer: »Printed Cloud«

Walter Schönauer's art project »Printed Cloud« was realised with the help of the local newspaper in Waiblingen and the print shop Druckhaus Waiblingen. It looked at changes in the digital age, the relationship between analogue and digital media, printed daily newspapers and social media channels. Art director and graphic artist Schönauer took over as editor of the local daily newspaper for one issue. Readers found the newspaper looked different, with keywords printed in large red letters above certain articles.

»Printed Cloud«, the name of the project, refers to keyword clouds in digital space.

They are designed to make it easier for users to navigate a website. Readers can find particular topics abbreviated to a single word in the cloud. They can allow themselves to be intuitively guided by the words that attract their attention.

Along with the changed layout with the superimposed keywords, the newspaper's readers discovered another new feature – a supplement designed by Walter Schönauer.

The Artist

Walter Schönauer is a graphic artist and art director. From 1986 to 1987 he worked on »Wiener« magazine, then on »Tempo« from 1987 to 1991. He also worked for »Rolling Stone« and the German edition of »Vanity Fair«. He is also known for his work for artists such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Chicks on Speed and Peaches. Schönauer sets a counterpoint in a world of digitalisation and the trend to showcase the self in social media. He has no website and no Facebook account and describes himself as »old school«. Schönauer lives and works in Berlin.

© Walter Schönauer

The Partners

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Walter Schönauer's »Printed Cloud« was published on 20 October 2018 at Waiblinger Kreiszeitung.