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Winnenden, Kronenplatz

Niklas Roy: »Wasserorgel von Winnenden«

On Winnenden's Kronenplatz, artist Niklas Roy created an unusual fountain. It worked like a water organ with the streams of water operated by Kärcher high-pressure cleaners. In Roy's installation, the cleaners were transformed into the protagonists of a musical water play, which passers-by could control for themselves via a piano keyboard. Then you could watch how the water spouts reacted to the rhythms and melodies that were created.

The water organ stored every tune that it played, and when nobody was at the keyboard it repeated random fragments. As a result, the organ was a conservatory in the truest sense of the word. It seeked to inspire local people to explore their creativity through music, allowing them to become the artists.

Location played an important role in Niklas Roy's work. Kronenplatz lies at the end of Alfred-Kärcher-Straße, halfway between the railway station and the pedestrian zone. It is in the throes of some major changes, with its concrete Seventies architecture giving way to a huge new building. With his water organ, Niklas Roy gave locals and visitors a last chance to enjoy the square as a public space.

The Artist

Niklas Roy, born 1974 in Nuremberg, studied design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Before going to university, he worked as a visual effects supervisor and filmmaker.

His interactive installations build bridges between art, science and technology. An important element of his work is the fact that he personally designs, programmes and constructs his installations. He publishes his design plans under open source licenses so that others can use them as a starting point for building new things. His works have been exhibited internationally, most recently at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts 2018 in Moscow and at Le Carreau du Temple in Paris. Niklas also runs workshops and teaches at art academies. Niklas Roy lives and works in Berlin.

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5–28 October 2018