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Stepnotes © André Bless
Stepnotes © André Bless

Tempele, Bad Boll

André Bless: »Stepnotes«

The "Tempele" Belvedere in Bad Boll was constructed to provide a vantage point for visitors to the royal baths. But now the "Stepnotes" installation from Swiss artist André Bless has become an unusual kind of notebook. The steps and wooden pillars of the belvedere have become a surface onto which he projects a series of text messages. The illuminated words glide across the building in German and English. Some of the messages are the sayings of famous writers and artists, while others are the thoughts of anonymous authors. Visitors who climb the path to the Tempele and to Bless' installation are undertaking a dual ascent – up onto the Swabian Alb and up into a world of thoughts and ideas.

Swiss artist André Bless was born in St Gallen in 1950. He studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel. Today he lives and works in Winterthur and Schaffhausen. His work focuses on the illusionistic power of light as a medium. With video installations and experimental designs that stimulate dialogue, he creates works that revolve around the relationship between transience and permanence and between art and architecture. He is particularly fascinated by everyday phenomena. For example, his video loop "Dayfly" from 2013 shows a housefly that is attracted by the light of an iPhone and exhausts itself as it buzzes around the bright display – modern technology as viewed by an insect.


© Frank Kleinbach

The "Tempele" belvedere is the best place to enjoy the beautiful view of the three mountains that make up the "Kaiserberge": the Hohenstaufen, Rechberg and Stuifen. The belvedere, known as the "Tempele" was built in 1824 by Gottlob Georg Barth at a cost of 807 guilder. It is made entirely of wood with a tiled roof. The front section of the roof is supported by four oak columns, while the rear section is closed in. It was built for the enjoyment of visitors to the new royal baths, and today, visitors still flock here to enjoy the beautiful views. The "Tempele" was carefully renovated in 1987.


Pappelweg 28a
73087 Bad Boll

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