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Gegenrufe © Andreas Schmid
Gegenrufe © Andreas Schmid

Georg Elser steps and viewing platform at Bubenbad, Stuttgart

Andreas Schmid: »Gegenrufe«

At night, vertical lines of light and horizontal lines of colour produce an optical composition, a design of light and rhythm, on the slope beside the Georg Elser steps. Two groups of vertical LED tubes illuminate it with rhythmic pulses of warm and cold white light. By programming the lights, the artist creates a dialogue between the lines of light that are produced by varying the intensity and whiteness of the light. The work references the steps in Stuttgart that commemorate Georg Elser, an opponent of the National Socialist dictatorship who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The call-and-response stucture of the installation reflects the principle of argument and counter-argument that lies at the heart of democratic societies.

Andreas Schmid was born in Stuttgart in 1955. In his drawings, photographs and light installations he grapples with the issue of perception and the changeable nature of spaces. To do this, he uses lines, their positions, their rhythm, the spaces between them and the relationship of the individual elements to the overall space. The artistic intervention is linked to the location and its character. Schmid always sees his light installations as rhythmic compositions. His art is inspired by Chinese calligraphy, which he studied for many years after graduating in Painting and Graphics from Stuttgart Art Academy. Andreas Schmid lives and works in Berlin.


Georg Elser was a resistance fighter against the Nazi dictatorship who was murdered in Dachau in 1945. But it was not until the 1990s that he took his rightful place in the history of German resistance to Nazi rule. In 1999 the steps up the hill between Albrecht-Goes-Platz (at the start of Richard-Wagner-Straße) and Stafflenbergstraße in Stuttgart East were renamed in his honour. At the top of the Georg Elser steps there is a small viewing platform that offers a stunning view of Stuttgart's rooftops.


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