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Town hall, Sindelfingen

Boris Petrovsky: »Cloud@infowars«

Above the entrance to Sindelfingen Town Hall, artist Boris Petrovsky has installed a banner that uses a pixel light matrix to display the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet, spelling out words and sentences on coloured surfaces. Visitors can interact with the messages on the installation via their mobile devices. However, only fragments of the messages are visible because of the shape of the letters on which they are displayed. This means that visitors have to guess their meaning – or even invent their own. The content of the messages is devoured by their form, leaving behind a trace that invites speculation. In his work, Petrovsky looks at the condensed, often knee-jerk, communication that is typical of the social media age and asks the provocative question: are we in the midst of an "information civil war"?

Boris Petrovsky was born in Konstanz in 1967. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Today he lives and works in Konstanz. In his work he focuses on the connections between ideas, symbols, notions and objects in a media-dominated world and examines our concept of reality. He uses light, sound and kinetics to allow his objects and installations to communicate with their viewers. In so doing, his recipients are encouraged to act, and he confronts them with the question of the validity of their own participation. Often it remains unclear whether a phenomenon is the result of active participation or an automated process on the part of a machine. Petrovsky creates space for questioning and self-reflection.


The new town hall in Sindelfingen was opened in 1970. The size and character of the building reflect the urban planning of the time, when officials had a vision of turning Sindelfingen into a thoroughly modern city. This vision is reflected in the design of the eight-storey administrative building and adjoining conference hall. For this reason, and also because of the largely unchanged nature and high quality of its interior, the town hall was made a listed building in 2014.


Rathausplatz 1
71063 Sindelfingen

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Exterior open to visitors at all times