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Porticus 3.0 © Erik Mátrai

Konstanzer Kirche (Constance Church), Ditzingen

Erik Mátrai: »Porticus 3.0«

Hungarian artist Erik Mátrai creates spatial illusions that seem almost real with the aid of simple but state-of-the-art video and light technology. Pillars of light and mist materialise on the steps of the Konstanzer Kirche church in Ditzingen. Parallel rays of light emerge from round LED modules and reach up to the skies. They mingle with the mist to create ethereal images that remind us of the pillars of ancient architecture. The creation of this unexpected external portal produces a momentary confusion.

Erik Mátrai was born in Hungary in 1977 and studied Fine Art in Budapest. His panel paintings, videos and light installations often have religious themes, and he combines the latest technology with elements of classical iconography. His audio-visual works are dominated by natural elements and phenomena such as light, water, fire and mist. His installations regularly examine the way we perceive space. In 2013 Mátrai produced a fragile globe for San Lio church in Venice. Paper rectangles were individually illuminated with ultra-violet light to create a half globe that only took on the appearance of a complete globe when it was reflected in water. Erik Mátrai lives and works in Budapest.


The Konstanzer Kirche (Constance Church) in Ditzingen is a Protestant church from the Late Gothic period. It is not known when construction first began, but it was consecrated as the Church of Our Lady in 1478. It is still possible to make out the old defensive walls in the area around the church. To the north there are also two flights of gallery stairs dating from the 17th century. Originally from Hirsau Abbey, the choir stalls are particularly striking. The crucifix and two stained glass windows date from 1450, and the organ and one of the bells from 1459.


Am Laien
71254 Ditzingen

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