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0=1 - fluctuation © Frank Kleinbach

St Cyriakus Church, Bad Boll

Hitoshi Kuriyama: »0=1 - fluctuation«

Japanese artist Hitoshi Kuriyama has installed an exploding sculpture, a crystal of transcendental lightness, between the aisles of the mediaeval St Cyriakus Church in Bad Boll. His structure of glass tubes looks like a chaotic star. Some of the tubes are glowing, others are broken and robbed of their light. In his works, Kuriyama examines the equivalence and synchrony of seemingly opposing phenomena and ideas. It is impossible to scientifically prove the existence of complete nothingness, so the difference between existence and non-existence is also called into question. His thoughts can be summed up by the hypothesis "0=1".

Hitoshi Kuriyama was born in 1979 in Hyogo, Japan. He studied Constructive Art at the University of Tsubaka and Intermedia at Tokyo University of Arts. His installations attempt to combine artistic and scientific methods to prove the validity of his hypothesis "0=1". Physical phenomena such as light and vacuum, sound and movement also play a key role. In his 2013 work "0=1 - air pressure" he uses a glass ball containing air bubbles in an attempt to make the invisible air pressure of the atmosphere visible. He also uses complex structures of illuminated and broken neon tubes in other works, such as "0=1 - multiverse" (2015) and "0=1 - vacuum collapse" (2014).


© Frank Kleinbach

A Romanesque basilica with three naves was constructed in Boll around 1140, and its architecture remains unchanged today. Countess Berta von Ravenstein was the benefactor of this church, which was built on the ruins of a former place of worship. The choir of this previous church was transformed into the crypt of Berta's new church. It filled up with earth over the years but was reopened in 1951. Excavations in the floor of the crypt have revealed that even this early church was not the first place of worship on this site.


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