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Transmission © Jenny Winter-Stojanovic

Municipal Art Gallery, Böblingen

Jenny Winter-Stojanovic: »Transmission«

A rampant proliferation of cells extends from Böblingen's lower town to the Municipal Art Gallery and on to the upper town. A network of amorphous shapes, steeped in a magical light, creeps across the mediaeval town walls, gathers around the building of the Municipal Art Gallery, wanders up the steps that link the lower and upper towns and gradually trails off. The botanical structures that artist Jenny Winter-Stojanovic overlays on Böblingen's walls are created from an everyday material – cling film. Through her virtuoso wrapping, stretching and twisting, the artist turns it into a complex network of shapes that are reminiscent of plants, roots and cell strands. Lit from within, they almost seem to be alive.

Jenny Winter-Stojanovic was born in Tübingen in 1975. She studied at Metzingen College of Art and in Schwäbisch Hall. She has been teaching at the Hector Children's Academy since 2013. Winter-Stojanovic frequently uses cling film as the basic material for her expansive installations. At times her semi-transparent images look like trees, at others like spiders' webs, and then they remind us of octopuses and worm-like creatures. Winter-Stojanovic develops her own idiosyncratic aesthetic thanks to her unusual choice of material and the creation of shapes that invite free association while never quite losing their abstract quality. Her weird cling-film creatures were displayed by Böblingen Art Society in 2013.


The permanent collection at Böblingen's Municipal Art Gallery in the Zehntscheuer building concentrates on paintings and sculptures by 20th-century artists based in southwestern Germany who formed a number of avant-garde groups. It also highlights the multi-faceted works of Böblingen resident Fritz Steisslinger. The Gallery's programme is rounded out with regularly changing special exhibitions on themes relating to society, current issues or particular locations.




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