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© Joachim Fleischer

Neckar weir at the Town Bridge, Nürtingen

Joachim Fleischer: »Continuum«

Joachim Fleischer works only with white light, generally in daylight quality. His approach is to understand light as a material and to create an idea and consciousness of light as a mass and a body. The space between generating light and its appearance certainly exists, but it is almost invisible. Taking this idea of the simultaneous presence and absence of light, he works with the single step of the weir. Joachim Fleischer floods the step and surroundings of the weir with moving and static light. Light is programmed to fill and empty the steps of the weir like water: a constant up and down, a constant question of to be or not to be.

Der Ort

© Frank Kleinbach

Nürtingen's old town is situated on a former meander cutoff in the River Neckar. The Neckar rises in Villingen-Schwenningen and flows to the Rhine in Mannheim. In Nürtingen its banks are lined with poplars, a typical feature of this river. The town's entrance at the Neckar bridge is flanked by a weir and a hydropower plant.


72622 Nürtingen


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