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Karlsplatz, Schorndorf

John Wood und Paul Harrison: »Night and Day«

John Wood and Paul Harrison make works that elegantly fuse advanced aesthetic research with existential comedy. With their video “Night and Day”, the two artists explore a wide variety of static and moving props, ambient and pre-recorded sound and artificial light to illustrate the triumphs and tribulations of making art and having a life. The lights go on and we see the artists as protagonists in a silent movie: Constantly changing lamps at different heights create a kind of ballet; a skateboarder jumps; a satellite crashes to earth; two figures dance badly… Sequences of acts and actions create a comic cinematic performance.

John Wood (born in Hong Kong in 1969) and Paul Harrison (born in England in 1966) described by Tate, London as ‘the Laurel and Hardy of the art world’ produce single-channel and multi-screen video art, prints, drawings and sculptures. In their not-always- successful experiments with movement and materials, many of which critic Tom Lubbock has described as “sculptural pratfalls,” Wood and Harrison employ exuberant invention, subtle slapstick, and a touch of light-hearted melancholy to reveal the inspiration and perspiration — as well as the occasional hint of desperation — behind all creative acts. John Wood and Paul Harrison have been working together since 1993. They live and work in Bristol, England.


Karlsplatz in Schorndorf is located next to the station on the edge of the old town. It is the town centre's main hub and meeting point. It houses the bus station, the e-bike station and this is where Werner Pokorny created his corten steel sculpture for a sculpture symposium in 1997. His "Haus mit durchbrochener form" is one of the key works among the 36 sculptures that make up Schorndorf's sculpture trail.


73614 Schorndorf

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