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Amandusfall © Jürgen Meier, Frank Kleinbach
Amandusfall © Jürgen Meier

St Amandus Church, Bad Urach

Jürgen Meier: »Amandusfall«

Something strange is happening at St Amandus Church in Bad Urach. Water is bursting out of the tower and splashing onto the square below. Suddenly Urach's waterfall is flowing through the centre of town. It's only when you take a closer look that you realise it's an optical illusion. The water is just a projection, created by Leipzig artist Jürgen Meier, who beams it onto the masonry of the church. An accompanying sound installation by Urach composer Rainer Bürck picks up on the inspiration behind the video work and adds an acoustic element, mingling the noise of the waterfall with ecclesiastical sounds.

Jürgen Meier has been producing a wide range of media projects in public spaces since the early 1990s. Light is the key element that he uses as both a tool and a communication medium. The artist uses new methods of controlling light for the purposes of communication in order to allow people to interact with his media installations. He is studying a number of street lighting projects with adaptive, efficient light systems that provide new perceptions of urban space. He has been Artistic Director of the Leipzig Light Festival since 2009. He studied Fine Arts and Philosophy and is a Meisterschüler (graduate with distinction) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster.


© Frank Kleinbach

St Amandus Church in Bad Urach is a Protestant church built in Late Gothic style. It was commissioned by Count Eberhard im Bart, but he died before its completion in 1501. His former prayer kneeler is on display in the church. The tower with its five bells was increased to its current height of 63 metres in 1898. From the top there are sweeping views of Bad Urach and the Hohenurach castle ruins.


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72574 Bad Urach

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