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Im Fluss © Max Frey

Eugenstaffel steps, Stuttgart

Max Frey: »Im Fluss«

The Eugenstaffel steps in Stuttgart climb up to the imposing Galatea fountain and cascade. Max Frey draws inspiration from the mythology surrounding this architectural gem. It tells the story of the nymph Galatea and her love for a young shepherd, who was then killed by a jealous rival. Galatea transformed the blood of her beloved into a flowing stream. Max Frey picks up on this river motif and transforms it into flowing, horizontal beams of bright, white light. The light picks up on the movement of the cascading water and makes it seem to continue flowing down the steps.

Born in 1976, Max Frey studied Transmedia Art in Vienna. He creates his kinetic objects and light designs by combining miscellaneous electronic elements with analogue, mechanical technology. His works often have the character of physical experiments. Through their actions and movements they are transformed into moments that are physical, poetic or humorous. He generally leaves the electronics on show as part of their aesthetic appearance. For example, in his 2012 "Große Klappe" installation, a piece of wood is mechanically lifted up and then allowed to drop back down so that visitors are buffeted by a gust of wind. The physical experiences that he creates are always a little tongue-in-cheek. Max Frey lives and works in Berlin.


© Stephan Klage

The picturesque, 121-metre long Eugenstaffel with its 175 steps leads from Urbanstraße to Eugensplatz and its beautiful Galatea fountain. The fountain was built in 1890 by architect and sculptor Otto and iron founder Paul Stotz. The figure of Galatea from the world of Greek mythology was presented by Queen Olga in 1890. The Eugenstaffel is lined with tall trees and overgrown front gardens. Artists such as Max Ackermann, Eduard Mörike and Rudolf von Laban lived alongside the steps, which is why it is also known as the "Künstlerstaffel", the "artists' steps".


Eugenstraße 12
70182 Stuttgart

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