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We Are Made of Stardust © Michaela Gleave

Roof of the Bantel department store, Schorndorf

Michaela Gleave: »We Are Made of Stardust«

"We are made of stardust" is spelled out in large letters on a roof in Schorndorf. The LED letters slowly change from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. With this installation, Australian artist Michaela Gleave is continuing a series of projects relating to space and astronomy. Like a neon advertising sign, the large letters invite the viewer to reflect on the universe and their place in it. With these words, the artist points to the condition of earthly existence as part of a cosmic cloud. She reminds us of the beauty of being, present solely in a moment of compression of cosmic dust.

The work of Australian artist Michaela Gleave is based on her experiences of growing up under the dark skies of rural Tasmania. Her conceptual works examine the various manifestations of reality and how we comprehend them.  Her projects question our relationship with the basic phenomena of existence: time, matter and space. Gleave's work involves digital media, performance, and massive sculptures that often invite observers to walk inside and experience them physically. Fluid, immaterial elements such as gas, water and light encounter massive structures. Michaela Gleaves' work has been exhibited in many countries. In 2013 she was artist-in-residence at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, an institute that is part of Australia's national agency for scientific and industrial research.


The Bantel department store in Schorndorf was founded in 1935 and is now a family-run company in its third generation. This fashion store installed the town's first passenger lift and the first escalator. In 1986 it also built the first multi-storey car park in Schorndorf, with 331 spaces over seven floors.


73614 Schorndorf

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