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Wir brauchen Licht © Michel Verjux
Wir brauchen Licht © Michel Verjux

Railway station and Kreissparkasse Göppingen office block

Michel Verjux: »Wir brauchen Licht«

Inside the main concourse of Göppingen station, two semi-circles and a full circle of white light create a space through which travellers pass. Another semi-circle of light is stamped on the upper part of the office tower opposite the station. The pure geometric shapes engage in dialogue with the architecture of the station, with walls and windows becoming part of the sculptural situation. With his simple gesture, French artist Michel Verjux draws attention to the reality of space. His circles of light allow us to see and experience things that we certainly see in our everyday lives but that we don't consciously register. Our surroundings suddenly take on a beauty that we only see when we really pay attention.

Michel Verjux was born in Chalon-sur-Saône in 1956. Since the 1980s he has been using the light of spotlights as a minimalist material. Using simple but effective projections of white light in ever-repeating circles, and also rectangular shapes, Verjux fractures the space and its architectural elements. "Eclairer, c'est exposer" – "to light is to show" – this is how Verjux describes his artistic process. His works can be described as being in the tradition of Concrete Art, and also Minimal Art. Along with numerous permanent indoor and outdoor installations, his works have also been exhibited in institutions around the world. Michel Verjux lives and works in Paris.


© Frank Kleinbach

The railway station in Göppingen was built in 1964 in the typical style of stations from the Sixties. It is a through station with east-west lines that run to Munich and on to Istanbul, the classic route of the Orient Express. Bahnhofsplatz (the square in front of the station) and its immediate surroundings are to be refurbished in the near future. This will make it easier to access the historic old town and the river Fils. The 2011 reconstruction of the Kreissparkasse office building on Bahnhofsplatz and the renovation of the Sparkasse Tower in 2013, a town landmark, have made a major contribution to improving the town centre.


Am Bahnhof 1
73033 Göppingen

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