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Viewpoint © Mischa Kuball

Landscaped steps in Scharnhauser Park, Ostfildern

Mischa Kuball: »View Point«

Düsseldorf artist Mischa Kuball has installed a stairway at the top of the wide, landscaped steps that grace the Scharnhauser Park district of Ostfildern. It provides a rostrum, a collective place for looking out – a viewpoint. When you stop here you become part of a random community of people looking into the distance. At the bottom of the stairs the eye is caught by a flashing light, a pictogram of a lookout – another viewpoint. The steps and light signals in Scharnhauser Park draw attention to familiar things while opening up new perspectives.

Born in 1959 in Düsseldorf, since the early 1980s Mischa Kuball has been working on (often participatory) projects in the public and institutional sector. In his work, light provides the impetus for both discovering and instigating social and political processes and debate. His “Refraction House” attracted a great deal of attention when he illuminated a former synagogue in Stommeln for eight weeks. The building lit up its surroundings like an intense signal. Since 2009, Mischa Kuball has produced a series of installations called “public preposition”, which have turned a wide range of public spaces around the world into objects of contemplation.


© Frank Kleinbach

1,050 metres long and 40 metres wide, the broad, landscaped steps at Scharnhauser Park link together the different areas of the suburb. They create a kind of town centre and offer wide-ranging views over the hills of the Swabian Alb. Tall oaks line both sides of the steps as they drop 48 times down the southern slope. The steps also collect rainwater and act as a flood retention area by temporarily holding some of the high water.


Bonhoefferstraße 4
73760 Ostfildern

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