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Selbstverständliches Blau © Nikolaus Koliusis

Birkenwaldstraße viewpoint, Stuttgart

Nikolaus Koliusis: »Selbstverständliches Blau«

When darkness falls, a row of light boxes shine out from the viewpoint on Birkenwaldstraße, bathing the city in intense blue light. Taken together, these different-sized, rectangular boxes create an abstract design with an outline that seems to echo the urban skyline. In the daytime, the blue-treated surfaces play with the colours of the sky. The shimmering coloured surfaces at times contrast with and at times match the appearance of the ether. The "self-evident blue" of Koliusis can be experienced as a multifarious blue. It appears as the endless blue of the firmament, as a night-time interval in the blue of the daytime sky, as a glowing blue abstraction, or as the blue background to an advertising hoarding that shines out across the city.

Nikolaus Koliusis was born in Salzburg in 1953 and originally trained as a photographer. Koliusis' artistic handling of space and light has developed out of his work with this medium. His installations are designed for specific locations and spaces and often make use of photographic materials such as coloured filters and reflective foil. Phenomena such as reflection and transparency have a direct impact on our perception of light and space. Inside and out, central and peripheral, above and below, he is constantly presenting us with new, yet to be defined, categories. Nikolaus Koliusis created a 28-metre-long, transparent blue sheet of glass for the memorial to the victims of Nazi "euthanasia" that was opened in Berlin in 2015. He lives and works in Stuttgart.


The viewing platform in Birkenwaldstraße in Stuttgart North has been enhanced by the renovation works carried out in 2015.  Three benches, two newly planted linden trees and a wall with natural stone cladding on the valley side frame the newly renovated viewing platform above the Mönchhalde vineyards. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views over the town and across the Neckar and Rems valleys.


70469 Stuttgart-Mönchhalde

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