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Limen © Oliver Feigl
Limen © Oliver Feigl

St Laurentius Church, Nürtingen

Oliver Feigl: »Limen«

Pure white light slowly roams across the tower of St Laurentius Church in Nürtingen. The light is reflected by the tower's structure, making it visible in its material substance. The installation is rounded off by a video work on the external wall of the basement next to the church. Then, metaphorically and figuratively, the light becomes the subject. Associative references to light as a prerequisite for perception and a symbol of insight merge with abstract shapes that evoke traditional ways of presenting its metaphysical significance. Stuttgart video artist Oliver Feigl opens a dialogue between the pictorial, narrative level of cinematic work and the abstract, physical experience of the light on the tower.

Video artist Oliver Feigl was born in 1983. In his video installations he likes to work with the surreal potential of digital imagery, in which he connects and interweaves many different types of images. Feigl has created video installations for numerous theatre and opera productions. He is a member of the multi-media Meinhardt-Krauss-Feigl Cinematographic Theatre ensemble and ran Arbeitstitel, an independent project space in Stuttgart. Oliver Feigl studied Graphic Arts and Multi-Media Design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.


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The Baden-Württemberg Academy of Performing Arts (ADK) was founded in 2007. It is a publicly funded drama school in Ludwigsburg, located on a joint campus with the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. The ADK offeres interdisciplinary training in four areas: drama, direction, dramaturgy, and stage and costume design. It prepares students for careers in stage and screen. The ADK also has its own theatre, with an experimental stage and a rehearsal stage.


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