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Stuttgart Observatory, Stuttgart

Pablo Wendel: »Sternfänger«

Performance Electrics gGmbH develops art projects that generate Kunststrom – electricity that is produced through artworks and installations. Working with the Stuttgart Observatory, they have developed a way of harvesting light energy from the stars in the vast expanse of the universe. A battery stores energy from the heavens and converts it into Kunststrom. The energy from far-off planets and perhaps even from stars that burned out many thousands of years ago lights up a small lamp in a darkened room at the Stuttgart Observatory at Uhlandshöhe. It is now possible to perceive the energy contained in the light that shines across the cosmos, and the softness of its glow gives it a poetic dimension.

Performance Electrics gGmbH is a non-profit electricity supplier set up by Stuttgart artist Pablo Wendel. Wendel works with other artists on projects that generate energy, known as Kunststrom. This electricity is fed into the grid, adding an experimental perspective to the energy transition debate. Pablo Wendel studied sculpture at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and at the Royal College of Art in London. In 2006 Wendel gained international recognition with his Terracotta Warrior performance in Xi'an, China.


Stuttgart Observatory on Uhlandshöhe in Stuttgart East was built in 1921 and opened in 1922. It was closed to the public during the Second World War, but reopened shortly afterwards and continues to this day. The striking building with its tower and dome was made a listed building in 2015. Next to the Observatory a small door leads to a public green space above a water tank. Several viewing terraces offer beautiful views over the town and the Neckar valley.


Zur Uhlandshöhe 41
70188 Stuttgart

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