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test pattern [n°10] © Wonge Bergmann

Academy of Performing Arts, Ludwigsburg

Ryoji Ikeda: »test pattern [n°10]«

Ryoji Ikeda explores the nature of data and uses it as a source for the sounds and images that he presents in his immersive video installations and sound performances. His test pattern series is based on a system that transforms all kinds of data – text, sound, photo or film – into binary codes. This is then projected onto the floor of the darkened space in the form of flickering, black and white barcodes, and accompanied by a haunting soundtrack. The audience can actually move around within the data image. At times, the sheer speed of the sounds and images creates a maelstrom that pushes the limits of human perception.

Born in Japan in 1966, Ryoji Ikeda is a visual artist and composer of electronic music. He has gained a reputation as one of the few contemporary artists to convincingly use both sonic and visual media in his work. Ikeda focuses on the essential features and structural characteristics of sound and visual elements such as light. His musical oeuvre, including albums such as "+/-" (1996) and "dataplex" (2005), has made a major contribution to minimalist electronic music. His work is exhibited internationally and forms part of major collections, such as at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. He lives and works in Paris and Kyoto.


© Philip Henze

The Baden-Württemberg Academy of Performing Arts (ADK) was founded in 2007. It is a publicly funded drama school in Ludwigsburg, located on a joint campus with the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. The ADK offers interdisciplinary training in four areas: drama, direction, dramaturgy, and stage and costume design. It prepares students for careers in stage and screen. The ADK also has its own theatre, with an experimental stage and a rehearsal stage.


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