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Skotome © Sabrina Fuchs
Skotome © Sabrina Fuchs

Rems beach at the Forum Gold und Silber, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Sabrina Fuchs: »Skotome«

Light is projected onto the surface of the Rems river, reflecting off floating pieces of gold and silver foil. At first it seems like a single surface, but our brains have been tricked into believing this by the individual pieces of foil. Artist Sabrina Fuchs is playing with our perceptions and showing us that we really can't believe our eyes. The floating pieces of foil have a static counterpart on the riverbed in the form of polygonal slabs of natural stone. Lighting up the surface makes it possible to see the riverbed beneath the otherwise dark waters. Sabrina Fuchs, who herself suffers from impaired vision, sensitises us to her particular way of perceiving light and at the same time poses provocative questions about the connection between seeing and reality.

Sabrina Fuchs was born in Müllheim in 1990. She studied Fine Arts at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design under Susanne Windelen. In her work she engages with the processes and conditions of visual perception. At the age of 21 an undetected retinal disorder led to her losing most of her eyesight. Her extreme light sensitivity and poor vision make her particularly sensitive to the subjectivity and incompleteness of perception. This light sensitivity makes Fuchs prefer to work in darkened rooms, so her work is generally linked to such light conditions.


© Frank Kleinbach

The cubist, five-storey Forum Gold und Silber was built at the confluence of the Rems and Josefsbach for the state horticultural show that was held in 2014.  A few remains of the medieval fortifications have been integrated into the new building. This unusual gold-coloured building with its shimmering facade and 850 openings evokes the town's 850-year history and its long tradition as a centre for gold and silversmiths. Today it is one of the town's major sights.


Ledergasse 54
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

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