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© Sebastian Hempel

Broad steps by the Murr and Murr weir, Backnang

Sebastian Hempel: »Schilfrohre«

Eighteen vertical glow sticks dance on the waters of Backnang weir. Dresden artist Sebastian Hempel has installed these light tubes so that they protrude from the water, swinging and swaying in the current and the wind. Hempel's art installation is moved by natural forces, and it is nature that has provided the blueprint for these illuminated sticks. With their movements, they remind us of slender reeds being blown by the wind. Art and nature come together to provide spectators with a magical interplay of light and movement.

Born in Dresden in 1971, Sebastian Hempel still lives and works in the city. After training as a stone carver, he studied sculpture at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Often designed for specific spaces and filled with movement, his works play with the spatial awareness and sensual perceptions of their observers. His installations and environments play with the superimposition of abstract and magical dimensions, as exemplified by his kinetic Irrlichter (will-o'-the-wisp) installations. He has received grants from the state of Saxony and the Bonn Cultural Fund and has won a number of competitions relating to "percent for art" projects.


© Edgar Layher

The broad steps on the banks of the Murr were built in 2010 as part of extensive works to improve the surrounding area, known locally as the "Bleichwiese". Now the river can be accessed at the historic weir and the steps draw the attention to Backnang old town and its historic city walls. Now the river is once again a popular place for locals and visitors to relax and have fun, right in the centre of town.


Murrwehr Bleichwiese
71522 Backnang

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