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Erinnertes Licht © Siegrun Appelt

Galerie Stihl Waiblingen

Siegrun Appelt: »Erinnertes Licht«

Austrian artist Siegrun Appelt engages with all the diversity of human perception – its individuality, boundaries and suggestibility. Visitors to the Galerie Stihl in Waiblingen find their senses being overwhelmed. The darkness is broken up by controlled light pulses, which disturb their perception with their intervals, intensity and duration. The neurons are no longer able to process what is seen, heard and felt in a coordinated way. The borders of time and space begin to dissolve. The consciousness is only penetrated by the puzzle pieces of what is perceived. At night the Galerie Stihl building in Waiblingen turns into a light sculpture. It opens up the darkness from within as the translucent facade transmits pulses of light to the outside world.

Siegrun Appelt was born in Bludenz in 1965. She lives and works in Vienna. In her work she focuses on the changing relationship between human perception and technological advances. She studies the phenomena of perception: how does the cognitive processing of sense impressions work? At what point do we as humans reach our limits? What is the correlation between the perception of acoustic and visual stimuli? The "Langsames Licht/Slow Light" concept has dominated her work since 2008 and has a very specific aim – to make society rethink its relationship with light. This involves studying the potential offered by the sustainable use of new technology and the development of other aesthetic forms.


© Stadt Waiblingen / Peter Oppenländer

Galerie Stihl, Waiblingen opened in 2008 and every year it hosts three temporary exhibitions that focus on working on and with paper. The name of the gallery honours a generous donation from the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation that allowed the gallery to be built, and at the same time refers to the public body that runs the institution, the town of Waiblingen. In conjunction with the nearby Unteres Remstal Art School, the Gallery provides a cultural centre for Waiblingen, located between the historic city walls and the banks of the Rems.


Weingärtner Vorstadt 16
71332 Waiblingen

Opening times

Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm