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Infinity Device © Yumi Kori
Infinity Device © Yumi Kori

Schlossplatz, Göppingen

Yumi Kori: »Infinity Device«

Japanese architect and artist Yumi Kori works with the context of a place and creates installations in particular spatial situations that have been predefined by social practices and conventions. In the Schlossplatz in Göppingen, she has conjured up an exemplary cubic structure, an "Infinity Device". Two short flights of steps invite observers to climb up and look through the rectangular opening into the sculpture. They see a series of doorways, and at the end an almost magical light. The artist is interested in how to free perceptions of existing space from their usual sense of order and meaning and open up new perspectives and experiences. Looking through the door of the "Infinity Device" reveals a piece of eternity.

Architect and artist Yumi Kori lives and works in Tokyo and New York. She creates installations for specific spaces. These works are also architectural, transforming the space and the way it is perceived. She also works with intangible materials such as light, sound, wind, colour and other elements that have a sensory impact on her audience. "Unfortunately we all too quickly become used to our surroundings and lose our fresh, unbiased view of the things around us". Her work constantly returns to the question of how to reactivate this freshness of perspective. Yumi Kori has created many projects in public spaces, ruins, abandoned buildings and museums.


Schlosswäldchen at the palace Göppingen
The palace in Schlossplatz owes its existence to Duke Christoph of Württemberg. He appreciated the healing powers of Göppingen's mineral waters, and had the palace built between 1550 and 1568.


73033 Göppingen

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