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Scala © Zilla Leutenegger

Town hall, Schorndorf

Zilla Leutenegger: »Scala«

A woman sits on the steps. She looks bored and seems to be waiting for something. Her impatience is revealed in her body language. With her video installation "Scala", Zurich-born artist Zilla Leutenegger draws the observer into a game of reality and fiction. Using a video projector, she projects the silhouette of a seated woman onto a wall so that the shadow appears to be sitting on the real steps. You find yourself looking for the real woman whose shadow you can see – but she is nowhere to be found. Zilla Leutenegger likes to work with everyday phenomena and sometimes appears in her installations herself as a fictional figure.

Zilla Leutenegger lives and works in Zurich, where she was born in 1968.  From 1995 to 1999 she studied visual arts at Zurich University of Art and Design. Her work combines a wide range of artistic approaches. She often works with video projections and includes real objects and surroundings in her installations. She prefers to focus on everyday phenomena, and often appears in her own works as a fictional figure. Visitors to the 2015 "Ring My Bell" exhibition at the Pinakothek der Moderne were able to see Leutenberger's alter ego "Z" in everyday situations in a partly real, partly projected apartment.


The historic old town with its beautiful half-timbered buildings is now a conservation area. The town hall was built in Baroque style in 1726 by Georg Friedrich Majer, and it is a major attraction on the town's Marktplatz. It has been used as a town hall ever since it was built. Schorndorf's old town and area around the town hall are full of picturesque half-timbered buildings and quaint alleyways.


Marktplatz 1
73614 Schorndorf

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